Enchanté 101 is a welcome session available for all our members. We bring together a small group of our members to onboard new members. Our staff tells you about our network’s programs, services and supports we offer exclusively to our members.

In these sessions, our team regularly recommends relevant resources, opportunities and organizations. We use these sessions as an opportunity to connect small and new organizations with the supports they need.

Why do we hold these sessions?

The goal of these sessions is to share information about our network and the support we provide to our members.

The members present receive personalized support as we learn more about your organization and how we can best help you. During these sessions, we also answer any questions you may have about the network.






Who is this for:

Enchanté 101 sessions are for member organizations interested in becoming more connected with the Enchanté Network. This opportunity applies regardless of whether you are a new member, or an older member looking to reconnect with us. We encourage our new members to sign up for one of these sessions, and we also encourage our existing members to consider sending any newly hired staff.





Here is what to expect at our small group sessions:

● A 1 hour meeting focussed on learning about the Enchanté Network, our team, our programs, and our member benefits

● The group onboarding will not exceed 3 groups. This will allow you to meet and engage with other new members.

● You will have the opportunity to talk about your organization, its programs and services, and the needs of your team.


Join us!

Sign up for an English session

Sign up for a French session

Please check to see if any of the dates can accommodate you. If you are unavailable for these dates, then please do not hesitate to ask for a different time: info@enchantenetwork.ca

If you are not comfortable being onboarded in a group setting, then please also reach out to set up a separate meeting.