Capacity Building Micro-Grant Program

Applications for our Micro-Grants will open in mid-April 2021.


The 2021 round of funding will only be open to Enchanté Network member organizations. The cut off to become a member in time to apply for this program is March 31st, 2021.

About the Program

The Capacity Building Micro-Grants Program provides grants of up to $8,000 to Enchanté Network member organizations that seek to expand their ability to serve their 2Spirit and LGBTQ+ communities.

With this grant, we seek to invest in the organizational capacity of our member organizations. When we refer to “capacity building”, we define that term as follows: capacity building is an investment in the effectiveness and sustainability of a community organization.

Our Capacity Building Micro-Grants Program will provide $110,000 over our 2021 funding cycle.

The program has two streams:
1) the Anti-Racism, Indigenization, and Equity Stream; and
2) the General Capacity Building Stream.


Eligibility for Applicants:

Only Enchanté Network member organizations are eligible to apply for this program.

Eligibility notes for our existing members:

● All of our existing members are eligible to apply for this program. Your membership from 2020 will automatically be renewed for 2021.

● That includes our whole membership which comprises incorporated nonprofits, registered charities, and unincorporated organizations within our membership are all eligible to apply. Unincorporated groups are eligible to apply as standalone applicants.

Eligibility notes for organizations that are not yet an Enchanté Network member organization but would like to apply to become one:

● Organizations must apply to be a member before March 31st, 2021 in order to be eligible for this year’s cycle of the program.

● Please notice that our membership fees, which will come into effect on April 1st 2021, can be found here.

Logistical details for the application

● This program will have a short application process designed with accessibility in mind.
● You can apply for the full $8,000 or a lesser amount.

Tips on collaborating with other organizations
● Collaborating with other 2SLGBTQ+ organizations, and demonstrating this in your application, is an asset but it absolutely is not mandatory.
● Here’s a model to consider for this suggestion to collaborate: if you are looking to hire a contractor or consultant for a funding request, we suggest thinking about whether another 2SLGBTQ+ organization (within your region or within our membership) could be contracted to do this work. For example, if you are applying for funding to deliver anti-oppression training to your team, ask yourself if a QTBIPOC collective could offer this training.
● We have a limited capacity to facilitate connections between members, but if you get in touch with before April 30th, we will do our best to answer these requests. A suggested subject line would be specific such as: “do any large centres want to be contracted to help us build a peer support program?” or “we are a QTBIPOC collective interested in being listed on a funding application as a group that could deliver anti-oppression trainings to another member organization”
Who is the target audience for this program?
● Given that this is a capacity building grant, small organizations will be prioritized the most highly in the selection process. Applications from medium-sized organizations will also be viewed favourably.
● For the purpose of this grant, small organizations are defined as having 0-4 staff members and medium-sized organizations are defined as having 5-8 staff members. These definitions include both part-time and full-time employees.
● Although that is the intended target audience for the grant, as previously stated, all Enchanté Network member organizations are eligible to apply and will be considered for this grant.
Name of streams
1. Anti-Racism, Indigenization, and Equity Stream
2. General Capacity Building Stream

Explanation of Streams

Anti-Racism, Indigenization, and Equity Stream


● Capacity building work in equity, anti-racism, Indigenization, and anti-oppression falls into this stream.
● We consider capacity building around bilingualism/multilingualism (including translation into French or into Indigenous languages) to fit in this stream, as it is a matter of language equity.
● Further examples of eligible projects include conducting a trans inclusion audit of your organization, building equity-based resources to fill a gap in your community, or developing organizational policies on anti-racism.
● This does not cover ongoing program expenses.

General Capacity Building Stream Definition


● This stream is for funding all other capacity building matters that are not covered by the first stream.
● This includes capacity building in HR, staff training, board training, strategic planning, financial matters, or communications.
● This does not cover ongoing program expenses.

Selection process:

 The Enchanté Network believes in funding processes that are led by the communities that will be served by these funds, so we built a selection process that aligns with that core belief.

Recipients will be chosen by a selection committee consisting of Enchanté Network board members and representatives of member organizations. The people on this committee will be representatives of member organizations that are not applying for this grant.

Signed grant agreements and reporting expectations:

Following the selection of recipients, organizations who have been selected will be contacted and will have a period of three weeks to confirm and send back a signed grant agreement.

Organizations that do not send back a signed agreement within the three week window will be dropped from the Micro-Grant program and then will be replaced by a member organization on the waitlist.                                                  


What types of expenses are eligible to be funded by this grant?

Here is a more comprehensive, but certainly not exhaustive, list of examples on what this grant can fund

Anti-Racism, Indigenization, and Equity Stream

  • Hiring an equity consultant to audit your organization’s plan to build anti-racist organizational structures
  • Hiring a consultant, or funding extra staff hours, to write equity-related policies for your organization
  • Creating equity-related resources that fill a void
  • Funding a collaboration with a QTBIPOC group that will build capacity within your organization
  • Paying for anti-oppression training for your team
  • Compensating elders for their work within your organization
  • Paying for your Indigenous staff to be able to access elders

General Capacity Building Stream

  • Hiring a strategic planning consultant
  • Hiring an HR consultant or having your managers take an HR training
  • Contracting a graphic designer to make a logo and brand guide for your organization
  • Temporarily boosting an employee’s hours per week so they can accomplish capacity building work such as setting up a volunteer program or writing key internal policies
  • Purchasing technical gear such as laptops, cameras, or audio equipment


Are applications open yet?

No, applications are not open yet. Applications are opening in mid-April, 2021.

Can I apply to both streams?

Yes – Our member organizations are able to submit one application per funding stream. However, no member organization will be awarded a grant from both streams.

What if I’m not sure which stream I should apply for?

If you think your application touches matters from both streams, then we recommend that you submit an application to the stream that you deem to be the closest fit. In instances of an application not fitting the criteria of the stream it was submitted in but otherwise being a good fit for the other stream, your application may be recategorized.

What are you unable to fund?
  • This funding does not cover program expenses. For example, if you have been operating a program for two years and you are looking for additional funds to keep it running, this fund will not cover that expense as it is uniquely for capacity building.
  • This program also cannot fund construction projects
Which stream is more competitive?

As this is our first year operating the program with two streams, we are unable to forecast an answer to that question. Moreover, just to keep it fair between everyone, we will not be giving updates to members on how many applications have been received per stream.

Am I able to receive feedback or support from Enchanté Network staff on my application?

Due to limited capacity, our staff are focussed on answering questions related to whether a submission idea is eligible as opposed to providing detailed feedback before or after an application is submitted.

What level of detail are you looking for in a submission?

Last year, several groups received Micro-Grant funding from writing short and concise applications. For reference, it would not be unusual for an excellent submission to contain answers of no more than 4-5 sentences per question. The application was designed to be accessible.

I am an individual, can I apply?

No – this funding is reserved for our member organizations, who definitionally speaking, are organizations and not individuals.

My organization is not located in Canada, can we apply?

No – this funding is reserved for our member organizations, which are all organizations in Canada.

I run a business, can our business apply for for this?

No – this funding is reserved for our membership, which exclude businesses.