The Enchanté Network (TEN) is seeking a consultant to develop and manage its external communication strategy. The successful consultant will lead the development of TEN’s external content strategy by creating a bi-monthly partnership newsletter and developing content for its social media platforms.

Background of The Enchanté Network:

The Enchanté Network (TEN) is the largest network of 2SLGBTQI+ organizations in Canada. We connect, support and advocate for more than 200 independent 2SLGBTQI+ organizations. Our network spans every province and territory, and our members include 2 Spirit societies, pride centers, HIV/AIDS organizations, trans collectives, and countless other essential, frontline organizations. 

Scope of Work: 

With the support of the successful consultant, The Enchanté Network will develop an external communication strategy that includes targeted newsletters and social media engagement. 

The successful consultant will be responsible for the following:

External Communication Strategy

  • Design an annual external communication strategy, highlighting key dates across the sector, TEN’s past and current activities, and advocacy pushes.
  • Create a content calendar, including dates, activities and mechanisms that will be used to achieve each activity.

Bi-Monthly Partner Newsletters

  • Write a bi-monthly bilingual partner newsletter geared toward funders and organizational partners. In collaboration with TEN, update newsletter recipients on current events, TEN activities, and calls to action.
  • Develop quarterly reports analyzing engagement metrics
  • In collaboration with TEN, build the newsletter list

Monthly Social Media Engagement

  • Design up to 3 bilingual strategic social posts per month for LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook 
  • Social Media posts should be connected to key dates and current events and showcase TEN’s impact (past and current activities)


The successful consultant will:

  1. Develop TEN’s external communication strategy
  2. Develop and grow TEN’s bi-monthly bilingual partner newsletter
  3. Design and post three bilingual strategic social media posts monthly 


The Consultant will submit their drafts for review and feedback from TEN staff and will submit a second draft incorporating this feedback. The successful consultant will complete the aforementioned tasks with appropriate direction and supervision from TEN’s Executive Director and Manager of Programs. 


TEN will be responsible and assist with the following:

  1. Providing access to social media and newsletter platforms
  2. Providing access to TEN’s brand guide
  3. Providing access to design and analytic tools (including Nationbuilder) 


Privacy and Professionalism Expectations: 

  1. The Consultant will not share their content or findings with any individual or organization other than TEN until TEN have released the content
  2. The Consultant is to notify TEN within 24 hours of any issues or problems in relation to any work completed under the contract as they arise
  3. Any work product as the result of this project is the sole property of the Enchanté Network, and the consultant will delete and destroy all project data upon the end of the contract 



  • Consultant Proposals due: April 12, 2024, by 5 PM EST
  • Successful Consultant Selected:  April 25, 2024, by 5 PM EST
  • Contract begins: June 6, 2024


Language Requirements: 

The language of all deliverables will be English and French.


Contract Period: 

This contract shall extend from the date of contract signature through to March 29, 2025


Place of Work:

All work outlined in this contract will be conducted virtually.


Proposal Requirements:

Proposals should be no more than three pages in length, not including appendices. 

Proposals should include:

  • Description, background, and experience of the consultant (or their firm if applicable) and any collaborators
  • Proposed Project Timeline
  • Key considerations and description of the approach to the project’s design, implementation, and analysis 
  • Project Budget, which shall not exceed $15,000 CAD 


NOTE: The contract payment will be provided to the successful consultant in monthly installments


Evaluation Criteria:

50% Relevant Expertise
  • Demonstrated understanding the Enchanté Network’s mission and communications needs
  • Experience and/or knowledge working with 2SLGBTQI+ communities and/or organizations, as well as equity-seeking movements
  • Experience developing communication strategic plans 
  • Experience with social media management
  • Ability to write in both official languages is essential (French and English)
  • Understanding and experience applying principles of anti-oppression, anti-racism, intersectionality, and indigenization, as it aligns with TEN’s values
25% Project Management 
  • Demonstrated ability to work within the timeline of the project
25% Quality of the Proposal
  • Quality and content of the written proposal
  • Clarity, brevity, and a demonstrated example of a nonprofit audience 
  • Clear communication and understanding of the project timeline and deliverables

Contact Information: 

Britt Hudson (they/them), Manager of Programs ( )

Please cc our Executive Director, Tyler Boyce (he/him), on all communications regarding this request for proposals ( )