Recently, the Executive Director of Wisdom2Action and noted trans activist Fae Johnstone was featured in an International Women’s Day Campaign, HER for SHE, by Hersheys Canada, alongside other notable activists including Autumn Peltier, Naila Moloo, Rita Audi, and Kélicia Massala. 

Since its launch, there has been an eruption of transphobic hate and vitriol directed towards Fae Johnstone – an attempt to overshadow her activism and important contributions, and those of the other women featured.

The Enchanté Network is deeply troubled by these attacks, which have become all too familiar. Statistics Canada’s findings on police-reported crimes for 2021 show that the rise of hate crimes on the basis of 2SLGBTQI+ identity has increased by 60%, a record high. 

We are calling on the Government of Canada to ensure that 2SLGTBQI+ communities are specifically included in their forthcoming National Action Plan to Combat Hate. 

In this moment, we need our allies, our communities, and our institutions to never be silent in the face of hate, transphobia, and transmisogyny. 

We stand with Fae and all other women, cis and trans, fighting for justice and equity. 

An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us, not just 2SLGBTQI+ communities, but all of us working towards a more just and equitable world. 

The Enchanté Network
The Enchanté Network is Canada’s largest network of 2SLGBQTI+ organizations and is committed to supporting and advocating for our members and those they serve.