The Rainbow Resilience Fund 

Our Goal:

We all deserve the right to access the services we need to thrive.

But hate is on the rise in Canada, fueled by divisive rhetoric and misinformation. Queer, Trans, and 2Spirit organizations are on the frontlines of this moment, providing life-saving services to some of society’s most vulnerable communities.

Our Rainbow Resilience Fund granted $535,325.44 to 22 2SLGBTQI+ across Canada. To equip Queer, Trans, and 2Spirit organizations with the resources to prevent and respond to hate crimes.

The Enchanté Network is Canada’s National 2SLGBTQI+ Association – and that’s why we are investing in real, tangible support for frontline 2SLGBTQI+ organizations across the country.

Our Approach:

Guided by an intersectional approach that includes race, indigeneity, and disability, we acknowledge the unique challenges faced by individuals and communities at the intersections of these identities. Our framework ensures that the fund’s resources are distributed equitably, addressing systemic disparities and uplifting marginalized voices.

We strive to create a more inclusive and just society by centering the experiences and needs of those who have historically been marginalized and disproportionately impacted by discrimination and violence.

Congratulations To Our Recipients:

National Groups

  • Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) received $25,000
  • TransCare+  received $24,630


  • Black Pride YYC received $25,000
  •  Rights for all LGBTIQ+ Refugees In Canada Now Society received $25,000
  • The Pride Centre of Edmonton received $25,000

British Columbia

  • Fernie Pride received $25,000
  • Leave Out Violence (LOVE) Society BC received $25,000
  • Vancouver Pride Society received $25,000

New Brunswick

  • Alter Acadie NB received $25,000

Northwest Territories

  • Northern Mosaic Network & Qmunity Camp NWT received $25,000


  • African Centre For Refugees received $25,000
  • Capital Rainbow Refuge received $24,822
  • Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers Action Project received $25,000
  • M4BJ/Wildseed Centre for Art & Activism received $24,981
  • Project Agape received $25,000
  • Uplift Black received $24,875

Prince Edward Island

  • Gender Affirming Care Prince Edward Island Inc. received $24,750
  • Peers Alliance received 24,300


  • AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM)/ SIDA Benevoles – Montreal received $16,500
  • Juritrans received $24,967.44
  • Nous ne serons pas sages received $25,000


  • Queer Yukon Society received $20,500

Thank you to our funder, Canadian Heritage.