Article par Marine Ernoult pour FrancoPresse.
Date: Friday, September 23




Please note that this article is written in french and the follow excerpt translation has been done by the Enchanté Network.

“The minority francophone community has focused so much on defending language rights that it has forgotten all other communities in its struggles. Today, we are lagging far behind on the situation of women and LGBTQIA+ people,” says Zakary-Georges Gagné, who is responsible for coordinating Francophone engagement within the pan-Canadian Enchanté network, which supports organizations working with sexual minorities….

“The younger generations end up turning away from the Francophonie and turning to the English-speaking world, which is more inclusive on gender issues,” says Zakary-Georges Gagné. The activist calls on community organizations in minority communities to “educate themselves on feminist and non-white practices” to avoid a hemorrhage of its youth.

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