We are a national network connecting and supporting over 200 pride centres and 2SLGBTQI+ service providers across Canada.


Our work is focused on:

  • Supporting our members, especially in their work to grow their organizational capacity, so they can make greater impacts in their communities through effectively delivering services and supports;
  • Reducing silos by networking our members and fostering collaboration;
  • And engaging with funders and governments to advocate on behalf of our members and share what they need to serve their communities.

Why the Enchanté Network Was Created

When a lack of connection and collaboration across regions was limiting the sustainability and impact of 2SLGBTQI+ organizations, the vision for the Enchanté Network emerged as the collective response. The Enchanté Network was created to connect, support, and sustain a national ecosystem of thriving 2SLGBTQI+ organizations from coast to coast to coast.

2SLGBTQI+ organizations are often volunteer-led and chronically underfunded. Historically, these organizations have lacked the national infrastructure required to support and strengthen their frontline work. With the creation of the Enchanté Network, our members have gained a national champion advocating for the public policies that will ensure that their frontline work is resourced, innovative, and sustainable.

Since our founding AGM in 2020, just shy of 200 members have joined the Enchanté Network. It’s clear that the days of working in silos are over and that 2SLGBTQI+ organizations are actively seeking ways to connect with one another and access the tailored supports that drive lasting impact.

2SLGBTQI+ organizations are not just here to stay, but are here to thrive. And we are just getting started! 

Mission, Vision and Values


The Enchanté Network will maintain a thriving network where we develop and share programs, resources and knowledge to support 2Spirit and LGBTQ+ communities.


The Enchanté Network supports 2Spirit and LGBTQ+ communities from coast to coast to coast to be sustainable, vibrant, intersectional, indigenized and culturally competent.


Consensus Building: to ensure that people can speak for themselves and that every voice is heard.

Intergenerational: to ensure we value the connection between the generations and respect the contributions of diverse experiences.

Indigenization: to ensure that ways of knowing and being are respected and that reconciliation efforts are included within the framework of the organization.

Adaptable: to ensure that the organization is responsive to the evolving needs of our communities and adaptable to changes at each level of government.

Equitable: to ensure that genders and sexualities are affirmed and that we work within a framework of diversity and intersectionality.

Our Framework


We reduce silos by convening our members for discussions on key issues, opportunities to network, and to share best practices.


We support our members so they can grow their organizational capacity in order to better serve 2SLGBTQI+ communities.


We engage with funders, governments, and stakeholders to advocate for the resources, public policies, and legislation changes that our members need to serve their communities.

Our Team

Tyler Boyce

Executive Director

Britt Hudson

Director of Programs

Zakary-Georges Gagné

Francophone Engagement Coordinator

Sam Faulkner

Program coordinator for social innovation and finance

Dorita Lewis

Manager of Operations & Administration