Social Finance Fund

The Government of Canada is launching the Social Finance Fund, a $755 million investment program focused on investing in social impact work in Canada. The fund is available to organizations that operate a social enterprise.

Creating a Social Enterprise

As a nonprofit organization, we know how challenging it can be to be sustained primarily on time-limited grants. It can make long-term planning and program expansion goals difficult to achieve. Social enterprises are one way to help nonprofits earn a more sustainable income. 

A social enterprise  is a business that earns revenue and, in the case of the Enchanté Network’s membership, can be reinvested in their nonprofit programs and operations. Any profit is reinvested directly into the nonprofit, thus maintaining nonprofit status while providing supplemental income to grants and government funding.

Are you interested in starting your own social enterprise? We have created a toolkit to help you explore whether a social enterprise is right for your organization. Go through step-by-step to start having conversations within your organization about the potential for running a social enterprise.

Social Finance 101
Investment Readiness Program (IRP)
Social Finance Toolkit


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