The Government of Canada recently announced the Social Finance Fund, a $755 million investment program focused on investing in equity work in Canada. The fund is available to organizations that operate a social enterprise, which is an organization that creates revenue through programs or services and then uses those funds to promote social good.


We want to hear from you!

This survey asks our members if they would be interested and/or eligible for this new fund. Thank you to all who responded! We learned that there is great interest in running social enterprises! The survey is still open and we encourage anyone who hasn’t completed it yet to take a minute and answer a couple of questions.


In addition to the survey, we will be hosting two capacity-building webinars about social finance and the available funding routes your organization can take either to launch or sustain programming. 

Deep Dive Into the Social Finance Fund

August 16 at 2-3pm EST

If you already have a social enterprise and are looking for ways to grow, this webinar is for you. We will cover all the details of the new social finance fund as well as other sources of funding to get your projects off the ground!


Understanding Social Finance and the Investment Readiness Program

August 17 at 2-3pm EST

 This webinar is for our members that either don’t currently run a social enterprise but want to get started, or for anyone interested in details for the IRP application process. We know how challenging applying for funding can be, let’s break it down together.