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Establishing a Social Enterprise Toolkit

With any discussion involving finance, it is important to remember that money and oppressive systems, like colonialism and white supremacy, are deeply tied, so centring anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and decolonial practices within social enterprises requires more intentionality.

Indigenous Reconciliation, Decolonization and Indigenization

This toolkit is designed to help 2SLGBTQI+ organizations serving rural and remote communities create an inclusive organizational structure related to Indigenous reconciliation and decolonization.

A Progressive Organization’s Guide to Coalition-Building With Queer Groups and Organizations

Equity seeking organizations all around the world are advocating for the same things: justice and equal rights for all. If oppression is linked, then why do some movements exist in silos? Without an intersectional lens, our quest for equity for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks is likely to create further divide.

A Queer Organization’s Guide to Coalition- Building with Other Equity-Seeking Organizations

Building intersectionality into your work is a constant and ongoing process. The steps listed in this guide are not the be all and end all but one that needs to be constantly revisited.

Anti-Oppression & Anti-Racism Framework

This toolkit is designed to help 2SLGBTQI+ organizations in rural and remote communities explore and reflect on their own experiences of privilege within their organizations as they strive to become actively antiracist decolonial and undertake important anti-oppression work.

2SLGBTQI+ Rural Funding Literacy Toolkit


This toolkit outlines the available funding options, strategies and approaches to increasing sustainable funding in rural and remote 2SLGBTQI+ organizations. Through this toolkit, 2SLGBTQI+ rural organizations can define their current organizational funding status and develop a strategic plan to diversify funding and increase revenue streams.

2SLGBTQI+ Rural Healthcare Toolkit


This toolkit provides an overview of the challenges faced by rural and remote 2SLGBTQI+ communities in accessing healthcare. These challenges range from discrimination and stigma to a lack of access to specialized care and resources

Mapping Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Movement: Growth, Capacity, and Futures

This project was led by The Enchanté Network in collaboration with the University of Saskatchewan’s Social Innovation Lab and Psystem and provides insight into the work of 2SLGBTQI+ community, education, and resource centres across Canada.

2022-23 Annual Report

Celebrating 3 years of supporting and advocating for our members, this report highlights the programming outcomes and key advocacy activities from the 2022-23 fiscal year. As we reflect on the work that’s been done, we look forward to continuing to:


This content was created and designed through a collaboration between Debbie Deer Productions and the Enchanté Network.


Driving Transformational Change: A Funder’s Guide to Supporting 2SLGBTQI+ Organizations

Over the past two years as a network, we’ve heard our members express that 2SLGBTQI+ organizations are systematically underfunded, despite offering crucial social services. To address these concerns, the Enchanté Network partnered with the Social Innovation Lab on Gender and Sexuality at the University of Saskatchewan to author a paper outlining recommendations on how funders can make their grant-making process more accessible to 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

Thank you to the Social Innovation Lab on Gender and Sexuality at the University of Saskatchewan for partnering with the network to author this report. Moreover, thank you to all our members who have spoken to our team about barriers and grant making over the past year; this input is what shaped the creation of this report.

As a companion piece to this report, the Social Innovation Lab on Gender and Sexuality at the University of Saskatchewan has created a funding scan outlining funding opportunities for 2SLGBTQI+ serving organizations in Canada. 


How Local 2SLGBTQ+Organizations Can Better Serve Black Communities

There is no “one size fits all” solution. 2SLGBTQ+ organizations need to confront systemic barriers that harm 2SLGBTQ Black folks’ mental health and well being. It is crucial to use dual lenses of both 2SLGBTQ inclusion and anti-Black racism.

Organizations must work with local Black 2SLGBTQ+ communities to create a tailored approach. We must acknowledge that there are unique needs for to Black 2SLGBTQ folks, especially Black transgender and nonbinary people.

Download this guide featuring 5 ways to create safer and more welcoming spaces for Black 2SLGBTQ+ Communities.

This content,  was created through a collaboration between Northern Voices Rising and the Enchanté Network.