[February 1, 2024 – Edmonton, Alberta ]

The Enchanté Network condemns the dangerous anti-2SLGBTQI+ policy measures announced by Premier Danielle Smith on Wednesday January 31, 2024. We stand firmly with 2SLGBTQI+ organizations and advocates in Alberta, who on this grim day, are already feeling the negative effects of this announcement. 

The policy measures introduced by Alberta’s Premier Danielle Smith in a video uploaded onto social media are not based on science, nor are they policy measures that take into consideration the experiences of 2Spirit, trans and gender diverse youth. These policy measures are ones based on misinformation and represent explicit attempts at legislating hate and harm.

Alberta’s plan, supposedly meant to “support and reach out with kindness”, is rather a plan that proactively prevents 2Spirit, trans, and gender diverse youth from accessing  life-saving care, safe spaces, and opportunities to grow up as thriving adults. The Albertan government should know that Canadians, including 2SLGBTQI+ communities who are directly impacted, will not stand for this. Trans kids will not be used as part of Premier Smith’s political strategy. Trans kids are kids, and the Enchanté Network’s national coalition of more than 230 2SLGBTQI+ organizations across the country will always stand up for them.

The Enchanté Network demands that the government of Alberta immediately withdraw its harmful policy and engage with the very people whose fundamental freedoms they are attempting to roll back. 2SLGBTQI+ organizations, collectives, families and youth are ready to inform policies that will not only protect our 2Spirit, trans, and gender diverse youth, but also provide evidence-based information to their parents and communities. 

We do not need to move with fear and division. We hope that the government of Alberta, as well as other Canadian governments, can stand with us, and move with solidarity and care instead.


The Enchanté Network is Canada’s largest network of 2SLGBTQI+ organizations – connecting, supporting, and advocating for more than 230 frontline 2SLGBTQI+ organizations that span every province and territory. 

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