Join us in mapping 2SLGBTQI+ organizations across Canada!

We are collaborating with the University of Saskatchewan to launch the first national survey of Canadian 2SLGBTQI+ organizations. 

This survey will gather data on the needs, capacities, structures, realities, and most importantly, opportunities of 2SLGBTQI+ organizations from coast to coast to coast.

The results of this research will be used to:

  • create programs, 
  • create funding opportunities,
  • strengthen the network’s capacity to engage federal and provincial governments;
  • and enable us to make specific requests to adequately address the needs and challenges of organizations across the country. 

In addition, this data will support the advocacy work that our members are already doing and allow you to compare your organization’s situation to national and provincial trends.

By completing our new national survey, you will help improve our data and advocacy related to the capacity and needs of 2SLGBTQI+ organizations.

Complete the Survey!