Welcome to The Enchanté Network’s Mentorship Program!

We are so excited to welcome you as a mentee!

Before we go any further, take a moment to meet Zakary (she/they), the coordinator responsible for our Mentorship Program. In this video, Zakary shares more about the program, what you can expect from your experience, and some logistical details.

If you are facing any difficulty watching this video or digesting its content, most of it is detailed below. If there’s anything we can do to make this process more accessible to you, please email Zakary at zakary@enchantenetwork.ca

In brief:

· This Mentorship Program is a 3-month program where 2SLGBTQI+ employees, board members, and volunteers from TEN’s (The Enchanté Network) membership are connected with experienced nonprofit leaders to amplify their organizational or professionnal skills.

· Your experience is dependant on your motivation to learn and collaboration with you mentor: together, you and your mentor will decide the frequency of your meetings, establish the best communication channels, and identify key milestones to track your progress.

· Your mentor might be experienced in one or more of these fields: Admin and governance, Education and advocacy, Program development, Inclusion, Communications, Event planning, and Fundraising.

About TEN’s Mentors

· TEN makes a conscious effort to recuit mentors that identify as 2SLGBTQI+. Unfortunately, 2SLGBTQI+ mentors face employment challenges that might discourage them or prevent them from participating in mentorship initiatives like with this one. We appreciate your flexibility as you might not be connected to a 2SLGBTQI+ mentor. With the mentor’s consent, we will be sharing more details about their identities to help you make informed decisions.

· All mentors are leaders in 2SLGTBQI+ organizations or in organizations from a connected sector. They might actively be in a leadership role or have previous experience in a leadership role.

· TEN’s team meets with all mentors to ensure that they have an accurate understanding of their duties and responsiblities, as well as establish if they understand the importance and have the skills to implement anti-oppressive, anti-racist, intersectional, and trauma-informed practices.

Feel empowered throughout your pairing

We want to make sure that you feel you have the power to shape your experience with your mentor.

· Mentors expect you to come prepared with an idea of what you would like to do with them. We ask that you keep a certain flexibility to adjust to your mentor’s skills and availability.

· If an issue arises throughout your pairing, we encourage you to communicate transparently with your mentor. If you feel like you need support to do this, please reach out to our team.

· You have full power to withdraw from the program at any point.

· If you do not feel comfortable with the mentor we’ve assigned you to at any point, let us know. We would be happy to explore other opportunities with you.

Your First Steps

You are almost ready to start your mentorship journey. Take a moment to complete the following steps.


Download, review, and send a signed copy this Code of Ethics to zakary@enchantenetwork.ca to confirm your participation in the Mentorship Program. Mentees will not be connected with their mentors unless we have received a signed copy of the code.


This resource is meant to be used as guidelines for how to navigate your relationship with your mentor and for what TEN expects of participants.

Download and review this Mentorship Package.

 This Mentorship Package includes more details about the program, as well as templates to guide your meetings with your mentor. You are not bound to using these templates, they are simply meant to help you envision what your experience can look like. TEN will not ask you to send a filled out version of these templates.

We recommend you take a moment to review this package with your mentor. Mentors will also be receiving this package before your first encounter.