Reproductive justice and queer movements are inextricably linked. Our movements intertwined lead the fight against the oppressive systems that govern sexual, gender and bodily autonomy. As the Roe v. Wade decision sinks in throughout our communities, we are reminded that these oppressive systems are manifested into laws and regulations that have tangible impacts on our daily lives.

Our ability to live freely and without prejudice depends on our collective work toward progress, change, and advance justice. Reproductive justice tackles the systemic oppression of all people, especially 2SLGBTQI+ folks, and more precisely queer and trans, Black & Indigenous people of colour.

The goal of governing sexuality and gender expression mirrors that of controlling reproductive rights. That is why we stand in solidarity with reproductive justice activists in the United States.

We stand in solidarity with BIPOC women, queer and trans folks, Black and Indigenous people of colour, in the United States who are being subjected to an unfolding reality that seems dystopic.

Here in Canada, across provinces and territories, abortion access and sexual services, are not equitable – we have ongoing work to do in order to continue fighting for comprehensive sexual education and policies that give the power back to the individual.

Join us on August 2 at 1pm on instagram live for a conversation about the intersections of queer justice and reproductive justice.

This conversation will be running in english and french, led by the Enchanté Network team; Roland Jones (he/they) 2 Spirit Programs and Engagement Coordinator, and Marie Kamukuny (she/they) Membership and Communications Coordinator, moderated by Zakary-Georges Gagné (she/they) Francophone Engagement Coordinator.

We invite you to engage in conversation with us and to share your own thoughts as we continue the dialogue.