The Enchanté Network has had a busy past few months, which included a successful launch of our Micro-Grants Program—with a total of 432 applications submitted from all 13 provinces and territories.

However, due to the rapidly evolving situation regarding COVID-19, we recognize that many of these applications are for event-based capacity building projects that may be disrupted by the current circumstances. As a result, the Enchanté Network has established the following contingency plan for our Micro-Grants program.

All applications submitted before our March 5th deadline will be considered under our original criteria. After the recipients are announced, any applicants that requested funding for projects that will be cancelled due to COVID-19 precautions, such as in-person events, will have the ability to submit an alternative proposal for approval on a case by case basis. Please note that any alternative proposals will still need to be based on capacity building projects. Our staff will be there—every step of the way—to support any successful applicants that need to resubmit alternative capacity building proposals for approval. 

We truly understand that 2Spirit and LGBTQ+ community groups and service providers are facing significant challenges. In these difficult times, we encourage you to call your friends and loved ones, and closely adhere to advice from your local public health authority.