Dear 2SLGBTQI+ Leaders, Organizations, and Allies, 

We once said, “silence equals death”. Now is not the time to be silent as 1.1 million children face starvation in Gaza. 

As we navigate through these critical times, it has become increasingly clear that the quest for genuine transformation and the realisation of our core values – equity, justice, and liberation for all – cannot be confined to the cautious and gradual paths we’ve often been told are the only way forward. 

The unfolding situation in Palestine, and our collective response to it, serves as a profound reminder of the interconnectedness of our struggles for liberation and the vital role of the 2SLGBTQI+ community in the global dialogue on human rights. The Enchanté Network is Canada’s foremost association of 2SLGBTQI+ organizations and as we stand in solidarity with those facing oppression, we must also reflect on our approach to advocacy and change within our own spheres of influence. 

Our solidarity with those facing injustice extends beyond mere statements and challenges us to examine our own strategies and commitments. Are we, perhaps without fully realising it, reinforcing the very systems we aim to dismantle? The mission of the Enchanté Network has always been to champion intersectional queer liberation, pushing us to look inward and confront any inertia that may hinder our progress. This includes fighting Islamophobia, antisemitism, and the anti-2SLGBTQI+ hate that has surged, both globally and within Canada.

 As the Executive Director of the Enchanté Network, I have witnessed the power of our collective voice and the potential for significant impact when we unite in purpose and action. Yet, I also recognize the ways in which we, as a network and as individuals, might be holding ourselves back, guided by fear, religious trauma or a misplaced investment in systems that do not serve us.

This is a pivotal moment for self-reflection and decisive action. Our advocacy for 2SLGBTQI+ rights and human rights worldwide calls for a robust and proactive stance, especially in light of crises like the ones in Palestine. We must extend our advocacy beyond our immediate circles, challenging prevailing narratives and advocating for swift, bold actions in response to injustice.

I am thus calling on each member organization within the Enchanté Network to deepen our shared commitment to our values and to take tangible actions that reflect our collective vision for a just society. This is a time for innovation, for bold advocacy, and for solidarity that transcends words and manifests in impactful action.

The journey ahead will undoubtedly challenge us, push us out of our comfort zones, and require sacrifices. Yet, the promise of a just and equitable world is too important for us to shy away from the boldness this moment demands. Together, we have the power to forge a new path, one marked by radical inclusivity, unwavering commitment to human rights, and a relentless pursuit of justice.

In solidarity and with hope,

Tyler Boyce (he.him)

Executive Director, Enchanté Network


Read our Full Statement here: Queer Solidarity 4 Human Rights in Palestine